Pool Lights Won’t Change Color: Causes and solutions

With their safe, gentle glow and just-right amount of light, pool lights are excellent for creating the ideal ambiance in the evening. They make your pool look inviting without being too dim or bright.

Another advantage is that many pool lights can change colors, at least when fully functional.

You can alter the ambiance by selecting a color other than white or adding a light show to make it more lively.

What happens then, and how do you fix it when the pool light not changing colors?

Many pool lights use motor-driven motorized lenses to change their color. Although some lights have a replaceable motor, in most cases, the light fixture needs to be replaced if the motor fails. Inconsistent wiring or out-of-phase lights are other potential causes of the issue.

pool light not changing colors

Why does my pool light not changing colors?

Your pool lights may be stuck on one color for various reasons, and there is no one quick fix that will fix them all.

Depending on the problem, a quick fix might be possible, or the entire light might need to be changed.

Failure Of The Color Lens Motor

The most frequent culprits of this specific issue are rotating-lens pool lights.

These don’t alter the color of the light itself; instead, they use a motor to control a set of colored lenses that the light passes through to acquire its color.

When you tell the light to change colors, these pool lights won’t change color because the lens isn’t being replaced if the motor fails over time.

Normally, you would have to replace the entire light fixture if this were to occur.

If Pentair makes the light, you can replace the motor. Still, since Pentair now primarily manufactures other lights, the motor is more difficult to find and, therefore, more expensive.

It’s likely simpler and less expensive to replace the light.

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Burned-Out Lights

Some pool lights use a combination of smaller lights or diodes to produce colored light.

The pool lights won’t change color correctly if some diodes fail.

The good news is that you can typically identify this as the issue fairly quickly; when you attempt to change the light’s color, it will at least change, albeit possibly not to the desired hue, or it may even go out.

If the green light isn’t functioning, for instance, and you try to switch it from red to green, it will simply turn off as the red light does, but the green won’t turn on.

Despite being simpler to diagnose, the only solution is to replace the light.

Flooded Light

Due to the flooded fixture, some people have complained that their pool lights won’t change color.

It’s possible that the motor isn’t operating correctly due to the stagnant water or it’s preventing the wires from acting properly.

Remove the pool’s light, drain the water, and let the surface completely dry.

If the color changes, replace the gasket to stop it from leaking and test it again.

The Light Needs to be Reset

Since pool lights are submerged and unable to be communicated with, they change color by being turned on and off repeatedly until they reach the desired shade.

If the light is an LED and doesn’t use a color lens motor, it has glitched or become stuck on one color and isn’t changing as it should.

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How Can Pentair and Hayward Lights Be Troubleshoot?

Of course, specific problems can arise with lights made by various manufacturers.

Sadly, Hayward is the only manufacturer that offers a thorough troubleshooting manual for their lights.

Beyond their basic manuals, which contain little information, neither Pentair nor Jandy provides much support for troubleshooting.

To understand what I mean, look at a Pentair or Jandy manual.

However, you could also try Hayward’s suggestions for your Pentair lights.

The Hayward manual does not address the issue of colors not cycling, but it explains how to switch the color mode, which should resolve the issue by barring a broken light.

To accomplish this, you must:

  • Turn on the LED lights first.
  • After turning them off for 11 to 13 seconds, turn them back on.
  • The lights will flash three times after you do this to indicate the mode they are in.
  • Repeat the procedure twice to enter UCL mode, then quickly turn them on and off to cycle through the modes.
  • To “save” the color mode after selecting it, turn off the lights for two minutes.

The troubleshooting guide walks you through various step-by-step instructions for fixing other issues, such as dim or flashing lights, not working, or both.

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How Can LED Pool Lights Be Reset?

LED pool lights can occasionally become locked in color and stop changing as they should because they cycle through the colors by turning on and off.

Additionally, the colors may occasionally become out of sync. Both of these problems should be resolved by resetting the lights.

Check the manual for instructions, as each manufacturer has a different method for resetting the lights. Two popular choices are:

  • Turning off the lights for two full minutes before turning them back on.
  • Turning on the lights for ten seconds, immediately turning them off and back on.

Your lights should be reset by one of these choices, cycle back to white, and then allow you to change their color once more.

If none of these work, see if your lights can be reset according to the instructions in your manual.

Resetting the GFCI is another potential solution.

The GFCI can cause problems even if it hasn’t been tripped, so try flipping it off, waiting a few seconds, and then flipping it back on.

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1. How can I change the color of my pool lights?

To change the color of your pool lights, use the provided remote control or control panel to select your desired color.

2. Why is my pool light not changing colors as it should?

Your pool light may not be changing colors due to issues with the control system, a faulty remote, or damaged LED components.

3. What are the most common reasons for pool lights, including Jandy and Pentair, not changing colors?

The most common reasons for pool lights not changing colors are control system malfunctions, remote control issues, and LED component damage.

4. Are there any warranties or customer support options available for addressing pool lights  won’t change color?

Yes, there are warranties and customer support options available for addressing pool lights that won’t change color. Contact the manufacturer or retailer for assistance.


Final Words

I wish there were a simple fix for pool lights won’t change color, but since there are various types of lights and operating systems, you’ll need to diagnose your lights to find the problem.

Since you can reset the lights from the circuit breaker, do this first, as it will usually solve issues.

If there is a mechanical issue with the color lens motor or the bulb, replacing the affected component is most likely the solution.

Even if the colors are still changing, if there is water in the light fixture, you should fix it immediately before the light is damaged.

Have you ever had trouble getting your pool lights won’t change color? Which repair was required in your situation?